Our goal is to rent and sell items to our customers that operate safely, efficiently, and will represent our customers well on a jobsite in appearance. We want to be your solutions provider and give polite, friendly and timely service to help you get your job done. We want to deliver your equipment at the time we promise, or let you know before the scheduled time why there might be a delay. Our desire is to accomplish this in a manner that has our customer receiving a good value for the monies exchanged.

We rent for time out, not time used. If you have it in your possession, we cannot rent it to anyone else.

Equipment picked up by the customer is on rent until returned by the customer.

Equipment delivered to the customer is on rent until it is called off rent and an off-rent confirmation number is given.

Unless there is a pre-established commercial credit account, we require a credit card and driver’s license in the same name as the person who is renting the equipment and is signing the rental contract.